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Mothers of Invention


Chemist is working in a laboratory
© Istockphoto/ Srebrina Yaneva

Poland is supporting its female scientists and technologists with training on the commercialisation of research results

In Poland women scientists are being offered free workshops on how to commercialise their research results, prepare a good business plan or negotiate with supervisors and entrepreneurs. The ESF co-financed ‘Woman – a Mother of Invention’ project is organised by the ‘Active Women Initiative’ foundation from Olsztyn and TAS from Warsaw and is aimed at women who seek to commercialise the results of their research. Participants gain theoretical and practical knowledge on developing a business plan, assessing market needs, finding sources of funding, improving communication between science and business, scientific marketing techniques and preparing business presentations for entrepreneurs and investors. They will also be introduced to elements of gender equality policies in business and science. The first workshops kick off in the middle of August and two more will follow.