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Social Enterprises: up to the Mark


In the UK, the Ministry of Justice is making it easier for social enterprises to bid in consortia for government contracts

Launched in 2010, the Social Enterprise Mark is an EU trademark awarded to identify companies with a strong social element in their income and spending. In the UK, the National Offenders Management Service (NOMS), together with ESF co-financing (CFO), is launching a EUR 330 million contract to provide support to 110 000 offenders – and NOMS is targeting a large participation by social enterprises active in this field. However, few have gained the Social Enterprise Mark yet. So, to redress the balance, NOMS has started a ‘NOMS CFO Social Enterprise Programme’ which recognises the actual contribution by social enterprises to the large consortia bidding for contracts. The aim is to ensure they can participate in contracts and at the same time move towards obtaining the Social Enterprise Mark.