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Women, equality and employment : the fight against double discrimination


Women supported by the FETE programme
© Mourad CHEFAI

Women from other countries who are looking for a job have to face two problems: combating both the stereotypes linked to their nationality as well as those linked to their gender.

FETE (Women, Equality, Employment), a collective interest cooperative company, helps women in this situation in the Burgundy region to find jobs, and fights against discrimination in recruitment.

The women are offered services such as coaching sessions, thematic meetings and employer sponsorship programmes.

To fight against discrimination, which often happens subconsciously, FETE organises debates and symposia where women supported by the organisation share their experiences.

The organisation, which has received support from the European Social Fund (ESF), emphasises helping people to help each other:  ‘FETE gave me the opportunity to integrate into society, as I met a number of people through the organisation who are in a similar situation to me and was able to connect with them’, says Laila, who now works in the IT industry.

To date, 320 people who have been supported by the organisation have been employed and 125 women have successfully completed a training programme.


Project name: Boosting the employability of female immigrants and descendants of immigrants
Area of activity: Inclusive approaches
Project duration: Ongoing since 2005
ESF contribution: €71 761
Total budget: €180 3160
Participants: 700 women since 2005
Country: France
Organisation: FETE — Femmes Égalité Emploi (Women, Equality, Employment)
Contact details: Ms Sophie Lavisse
+33 (0)620822115