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Strengthening Bulgarian civil society


Project training session
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The PRO-ACT project, based in Vratsa in north west Bulgaria, aimed to increase the knowledge, skills and capacities of people working for local non-governmental organisations (NGOs). It also sought to encourage the development of effective, long-term links between public administrations and civil society organisations by improving ways in which they cooperate in the implementation regional, national and European policies.

In addition to strengthening institutional and organisational capacities of local NGOs, PRO-ACT highlighted good practices relating to communications between public administration and NGOs across Europe.

Through the project, an electronic library has been created which provides more than 5 000 titles relating to policies developed by the European Union, NGOs, public bodies and businesses. The catalogue is available free via the internet.

To achieve its goals, the project also organised trainings for NGO staff in the following areas: financial management; auditing and accounting; presentation and communication skills; time management and prioritisation; conflict resolution; negotiating skills; and ethical and professional standards.

The project was supported through Bulgaria’s Operational ESF Programme for Administrative Capacity (OPAC). OPAC’s objective is to improve the performance of the country’s public administrations so that they can implement policy in a more effective fashion.

Project name: PRO-ACT - Partnership Development and Training - active communication between the third sector and public administration
Area of activity: Partnerships for progress
Project duration: August 2008 – August 2009
ESF contribution: 227 883.84 BGN
Total budget: 268 098.63 BGN
Number of participants: 204
Country: Bulgaria
Organisation: Palace of Commerce and Industry Vratsa (Vratsa Industry and Commerce)
Contact details: Illiana Philipova
Tel.: +359 92 660271; +359 92 660273