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Matching personal skills with job opportunities


Brigitte, a project beneficiary, working as a healthcare assistant.
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The PLIE project (Le Plan Local d’Insertion et d’Emploi), in Lille, France, functions as a strategic partnership which brings together institutional, social and economic partners in order to tackle long-term unemployment. The objective is to open up access to the jobs market by developing a plan of action, staying ahead of economic changes and by bringing down barriers to employment.

The project targets groups that are vulnerable to social exclusion and harnesses work placements, training packages and the services of employment agencies to help people into secure jobs.

Care is taken to provide tailored support throughout the training process. Project staff mentor participants until they land a secure job. At least half of those taking part end up finding work.

People of all ages receive support through PLIE. The project is backed by the European Social Fund because of its commitment to helping people develop competences throughout their lives as a means of improving employment prospects.


Project name: PLIE (Le Plan Lillois pour l’Insertion et l’Emploi)
Area of activity: Opening Pathways to Work
Project duration: 2011
ESF contribution: 15 000.00 €
Total budget: 33 072.42 €
Participants: 145
Country: France
Organisation: Les Maisons de l’Emploi, Portée par la Ville de Lille
Contact details: Valérie Rudewicz
Référente CCAS           
CCAS Lille Hellemmes-Lille             
Mairie d'Hellemmes      
155 rue Roger Salengro         
59000 Lille
Tél. +33 3 20 79 97 40
Mail :