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Boosting professionalism in the food sector


Training in the food sector
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From pastry chefs to kitchen managers, the Centre of Professional Training for the Food Sector (CFPSA) is making sure Portugal’s food sector is benefitting from a highly trained workforce.

By promoting training programmes in meat, food and agricultural quality control, food management, pastry and catering the CFPSA aims to boost the sector’s credibility.

Founded in 1984, the organisation trains both youngsters seeking first time employment and those already in a job who want to develop their skills. It also supports establishments wanting to make their training facilities more effective.

The employment rate for those who have completed one of the 8 000 courses run by CFPSA is a powerful testament to the organisation’s success – almost 100% of the participants found work once they had finished.

Managed by a combination of public employment services, food sector associations and trade unions, the non-profit organisation has its seat in Lisbon and three delegations in the North, Centre and Algarve regions.

Financial support from the European Social Fund (ESF) has contributed to the excellent reputation of the CFPSA, which has already boosted the professional skills of around 100 000 people aged from 18 to 65 years. 


Project name: Centre of Professional Training for the Food Sector (CFPSA)
Area of activity: Education and training
Project duration: 2007-2013
ESF contribution: € 6 762 075
Total budget:  
Participants: 100 000
Country: Portugal
Organisation: Centro de Formação Profissional para o Sector Alimentar (CFPSA)
Contact details: Mr. Carlos Monteiro (External Communication)