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Nipping violence against young people in the bud


Prevention of violence
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To protect children and young people from the devastating consequences of violence, teachers and families must join forces to act before it occurs. In Slovenia, a project provided training to education professionals, parents and volunteers to help them prevent violence and deal with violent incidents.

Organised by a consortium including two non-profit organisations and an institute for psychological counselling, the project organised five training programmes covering measures to:

  • improve the ability of education professionals to recognise violence, respond to it and provide assistance to victims,
  • help them empower children and young people to protect themselves,
  • include education professionals in prevention work with families,
  • help parents recognise warning signals and assist their children if they fall victim to violence, and
  • strengthen social networks through volunteer work to step up prevention.

The training programmes combined theory with practical case studies and spread the five training days over a longer period to enable participants to put them into practice in their everyday work and family life.

The initiative, which was made possible thanks to financial support from the European Social Fund, was highly successful with participants. An evaluation of the project revealed that teachers and parents who participated in the initiative found that the concepts and strategies presented made a tangible difference when dealing with critical situations.


Project name: Training of professional workers in education in the field of strengthening the competences for the prevention of violence in the period between 2010 and 2012
Area of activity: Education and training
Project duration: October 2010 – July 2012
ESF contribution: €630 351
Total budget: €741 590
Participants: 2 900 education professionals
Country: Slovenia
  • ISA Institute
  • Društvo Ključ – association
  • Slovene Philanthropy – association
Contact details: Mateja Štirn
Tel.: +386 (0) 41 424 564