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Supporting young people back to education or work


The Utsikten project helps young adults with special needs
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Young adults with special needs, for example related to mental health issues or a disability, face unique challenges when trying to re-enter education or the workplace. These challenges require a tailored solution.

This is what the Utsikten project in Sweden aims to provide through inter-agency collaboration. Most of these young people have not completed secondary education and have a history of mental illness and social exclusion. Utsikten provides them with a structured environment and a holistic programme that motivates and empowers them, allowing them to transition into education or employment.

Project manager Ingrid Selin notes, “The participants are great winners. Moving from unemployment to employment or study is not only a financial gain but reduces exclusion and raises their quality of life. When young citizens support themselves, it is a big win for the community, both financially and in terms of expertise. By funding the project, ESF ensured that this could happen.”

The aim of the project is to ensure that 50 % of participants are self sufficient upon completion of the programme. After seven months, investment in the project was already returned.

So successful was the original project that a new phase, Utsikten 2.0, is currently underway and will run until 2014.


Project name: Utsikten
Area of activity: Unemployment
Project duration: March 2009 – February 2011
ESF contribution:  
Total budget: € 1 422 004
Participants: 90
Country: Sweden
Organisation: Socialkontoret, IFO
Skellefteå kommun
Contact details: Ingrid Selin
Tel:0910- 71 23 17