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Lending peer support to enter the job market


Student in classroom
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Young people, particularly vulnerable young people and those at risk of social isolation face many challenges in their efforts to access the job market in the current economic climate.

Job College in Sweden supports young people to access the labour market, helping to prevent youth unemployment and support youth at risk. The initiative is run by a youth organisation which adopts an innovative approach and places a great emphasis on peer learning – meaning that participants are supported by a team of counsellors who are also young.

Young people are assigned to Job College, which is seen as a workplace, by the employment office or the social services. Participants work with companies where there is a human resource gap which would ideally provide an ‘exit-job’ when the Job College period is over.

The project also provides counselling. During sessions, run by counsellors under 30 years of age, participants learn to set objectives, and to map the route to reach their set objectives.

The projects targeted for 1 800 people to complete the project in total, with 75 % of them reaching self-sufficiency.


Project name: Job College
Area of activity: Young people
Project duration: August 2008 – February 2011
ESF contribution:  
Total budget: 66 750 000 SEK
Participants: 2 483
Country: Sweden
Organisation: Communicare
Contact details: