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Nurturing confidence to re-enter education


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Unemployed young people who lack professional qualifications and skills can often find themselves at risk of social exclusion. With the right support, however, re-entering education and the workforce need not be so daunting.

Project Learning for Young Adults (PLYA) in Slovenia is a free-of-charge, informal education programme that supports unemployed young people between 15 and 25 years without qualifications to re-enter education. It also equips them with useful skills and competences for job seeking and entry into employment, and promotes their personal growth and general education.

Jasmina Subic, mentor in PLYA and social worker with the Organization for Adult Education (Ljudska univerza Radovljica), another provider of PLYA programme in Slovenia, sees impact of the funding at first hand, “The number of dropouts has decreased since the programme began. Without ESF financing there wouldn’t be any safe and motivating place for these young dropouts, for whom the programme is sometimes the second or even the first home, to go.”

In total, the nationwide programme reached 10 500 participants in its first phase until 2010. Two-thirds of participants achieved the objectives set: 40 % of them continued the educational process within a year or more, while 24 % entered into temporary or permanent employment.


Project name: Project Learning for Young Adults (PLYA)
Area of activity: Access to employment
Project duration: November 2008 – August 2010
ESF contribution:  
Total budget: € 2 530 000 (nationwide programme)
Participants: 52 (10 500 nationwide)
Country: Slovenia
Organisation: Regionalni center za razvoj d.o.o.
Contact details: Ida Smajlagič
Podvine 36
1410 Zagorje ob Savi
tel.: + 386 (0)3 56 60 500
fax.: + 386 (0)3 56 60 510