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Jobs for the disadvantaged through recycling


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Work Factory – Textiles, a non-profit, social enterprise uses recycling to give jobs to disadvantaged people at risk from social exclusion.

In today’s society, clothes are frequently thrown away before they really become unwearable. Work Factory – Textiles, set up in Slovenia, collects and sorts second-hand clothes and prepares them for resale either directly or after mending and restyling.

Making this happen are 10 members of staff and 20-30 volunteers, all of whom come from disadvantaged sectors of society: disadvantaged young people; those who have left education with no formal qualification; the long-term unemployed or those in personal distress.

The recovered clothes are sold through the project’s shop in Ljubljana and other outlets across Slovenia. According to project organisers, social enterprises such as this contribute to environmental, social and economic, sustainable development. In the first year the project intends to collect around 100 tons of used textiles in Slovenia alone. Project Manager Jernej Stromajer explained that “European Social Fund help has turned out essential for the success of our project. I can't even image our project without it.”


Project name: Tovarna Dela Tekstil
Area of activity: Access to employment and social inclusion
Project duration: February 2011 – December 2012
ESF contribution: € 249 942.50
Total budget: € 294 050
Participants: 10 from target group and up to 30 volunteers
Country: Slovenia
Organisation: Mladinski center Dravinjske doline (MCDD)
Contact details: Jernej Stromajer
+386 759 13 20