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Coaching people back into work and study


Immigrants often face difficulties finding work in their host country when factors such as a new language, unrecognised qualifications and social changes come into play. Barriers to employment also confront many young people. As a result, both groups face the danger of benefit dependence.

The Coaching Project, set up in the Swedish municipalities of Sandviken and Hofors, aims to give youngsters, aged 18-25, and immigrants, aged between 25 and 64, the boost they need to find employment. 

Participants are given work experience and training sessions involving a coach. But the barriers that stop people from finding and holding down a job may not only be due to a lack of qualifications and experience, they can also be connected to low self-esteem or ill health. So the project also tackles well-being issues, for instance through a Breakfast Club involving a cognitive therapist who teaches confidence boosting techniques and a health coach to help those with sleeping or eating disorders.

"ESF support has given us the opportunity", explained Anders Johansson, project leader at the Municipality of Sandviken “to try out new ways of organising cooperation between the partners in the project, and developing new and innovative methods to encourage youth to return to school”.

To date, 700 young people and immigrants have benefitted from the initiative. The overall objective is to help 1 000 during this project which will run until end of 2013.


Project name: Coaching Project in Sandviken-Hofors
Area of activity: Access to employment and social inclusion
Project duration: February 2009 – December 2013
ESF contribution: SEK 19 592 496
Total budget: SEK 64 610 554
Participants: 700 – 1 000
Country: Sweden
Organisation: Municipality of Sandviken
Contact details: Anders Johansson
+46 26 241 111