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Teaching disabled people new sewing techniques


The Chernomorka cooperative – whose name is literally ‘the woman from the Black Sea’ in Bulgarian - has been providing disabled people in the city of Burgas with job opportunities producing clothes for babies and children aged 0-8 since 1950.

The cooperative was originally founded for war invalids in the aftermath of World War II. It now has a particular focus on employing disabled women and employs just over 100 people, of which 80% are women and 57% have disabilities.

The work offered by Chernomorka assists the social integration of disabled people and improves their employability. It reduces their dependence on state handouts and improves their status within their communities as well as their self esteem.

With help from the ESF, Chernomorka was able to set up training sessions for disabled people to teach them how to use new technologies and sewing techniques that are best adapted to their particular needs.

The clothes produced at Chernomorka are of a high standard and use 100% natural ingredients. The clothes have been awarded Gold Medals five times at the International Fair of Consumer Goods and Technologies in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


Project name: Chance for upskilling the labour force of Chernomorka
Area of activity: Access to employment and social inclusion
Project duration: December 2011 – March 2013
ESF contribution: €17 500
Total budget: €20 800
Participants: 100
Country: Bulgaria
Organisation: Chernomorka
Contact details: