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“Keeping it safe” leads to acceptance and support


Let Us Keep It Safe training allows staff to share important de-escalation techniques with clients at a residential facility in the Netherlands, leading to a better living environment for everyone.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all work together in an inspiring and safe environment? This is the question that led to the development of an innovative training project called Let Us Keep It Safe.

Let Us Keep It Safe was developed by the Bartiméus Foundation, an organisation based in Utrecht, Netherlands. The foundation supports people with visual impairments and mild learning and intellectual disabilities in a number of small-scale living facilities.

For care workers in these residential homes, learning how best to deal with tension and aggression among clients is a standard part of their training. But when a number of clients indicated that they would also like to learn these de-escalation techniques, the Let Us Keep It Safe project was born.

Thanks to funding from the ESF, the Bartiméus Foundation was able to put staff on a “train the trainer” course, then spend a lot of time working with the client council to design a de-escalation training course based around their needs.

When residents take part in the Let Us Keep It Safe training, they don't just learn what to do when someone gets angry. They also learn to be aware of their own emotions, which can give some surprising personal insights. One participant said, “I have more self-confidence because of the training and now know what I need to do to stay safe.”

Thanks to Let Us Keep It Safe, the atmosphere at each residential facility has become more accepting and supportive, and everyone feels safer and more secure.

Project name Let us keep it safe
Duration 2017 - 2018
ESF contribution € 10,000.00
Total budget € 20,000.00
Participants 75
Country Netherlands
Organisation Foundation Bartimeús
Social Media
Contact details Hans van Stam
+31 (0)6 14 88 54 06
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