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Jobseekers learn at work with On-the-Job Training


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The On-the-Job Training project provides unemployed people in Slovenia with guidance from a mentor, and a chance to learn as they work, bringing benefits to both employer and jobseeker.

In Celje, Slovenia, a project called On-the-Job Training is providing unemployed people with a chance to learn as they work, bringing benefits to both employer and jobseeker.

For Tjaša, On-the-Job Training was an important stepping stone to a new career after a long period of unemployment. She says, ‘’I was unemployed for more than two years. I had some job opportunities during that period of time, but I often ended up being surprised in a negative way or disappointed by the expectations and pressures from the employers.’’

The On-the-Job Training programme offers jobseekers a personal mentor who guides them through a series of training tasks. All work is undertaken directly with employers in the workplace, which gives everyone involved more realistic expectations, as well as practical knowledge of how the training might be applied in a role.

At the end of the programme, employers draw up a performance report identifying the knowledge, skills and competencies each person has obtained during training.

For Tjaša, this was her chance to finally receive proof of what she had known all along: she had the skills and talents to find a good job in her chosen field. Her employer reported that she was a hard-working, diligent, eager and trustworthy person. Her programme mentor wrote her a recommendation letter, and less a month later she was employed.

Tjaša says, ‘’Participation in the programme undoubtedly helped me shine and prove my skills in a profession I have always dreamt about.’’

Project name On-the-job training
Duration 2016 - 2022
ESF contribution € 22,847,157.30
Total budget € 28,558,946.62
Participants 2919
Country Slovenia
Organisation Employment Service of Slovenia
Social Media
Contact details Petra Mauer
+38 (0)614790911
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