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The Participant  - Nicola Staples
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Positive Directions, based in Northern Ireland, UK, offers specialist employment training to people aged 16-65 with a disability or long-term condition, improving their skills and confidence.

Positive Directions is a training and employability programme aimed at 16 to 65-year-olds with a disability or a long-term health condition. The ESF-funded project is delivered by the Clanrye Group, a charitable organisation based in Northern Ireland, UK.

Positive Directions is designed to be person-centred and motivational, supporting people to build on their skills and personal development and move towards employment, education or training. Participants can gain qualifications, taking advantage of one-to-one and peer support, as well as activities and workshops. Assistive technological adaptations are available, and small class sizes allow each person to receive significant support.

One such participant is Nicola Staples. In 2015, after being out of work for almost 12 years because of ill health, former intensive care nurse Nicola was referred to the Clanrye Group by a jobcentre adviser. After completing a Condition Management Programme with the organisation, she moved on to Positive Directions, which helped her to gain new qualifications and skills, as well as greater confidence. By 2017, she had succeeded in getting a job as an administrator with a major care charity.

Nicola says, "I will always be grateful for all the help, support and friendship that I have gained whilst on the Positive Directions Programme. I would recommend the programme to anyone and firmly believe it was instrumental in getting me back into work and becoming more confident in myself and my abilities."

Project name Positive Directions
Duration 2018 - 2022
ESF contribution € 1,424,661.00
Total budget € 2,590,293.00
Participants 440 (110 per year)
Country United Kingdom
Organisation Clanrye Group, Newry, Co Down
Social Media
Contact details Liam Devine
+4428 3084 9220
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