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Motiv8 participant Redmond and his Key Worker SueAnn June 2018
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Motiv8 offers tailored support to people in Manchester, UK, helping them overcome issues like health conditions, debt, drug or alcohol dependency, and homelessness, and to move towards employment.

In Greater Manchester, UK, an ESF-funded project is helping thousands of people to transform their lives and move closer towards job search, training or employment.

Motiv8 is a project led by Jigsaw Group and delivered through Manchester Athena, a partnership of housing associations working together to improve people’s skills, employment, health and well-being.

The project is aimed at people over 25 who are experiencing issues with health, alcohol, drugs, domestic violence, debt, homelessness or other challenges. Motiv8 works with each individual to come up with a tailored support package that helps them to address their issues and access further support. Eventually, they can start thinking about employment, training or volunteering.

The project especially targets people who are under-represented in the labour market: people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender; ex-offenders; ethnic minorities; migrant communities and people over 50.

Redmond, who is 63, had been living in temporary accommodation for four years, and struggling to find work, before he was referred to Motiv8. Now, with permanent accommodation in an Independent Living Scheme, he volunteers regularly and is undertaking training in IT.

Redmond says, “If Motiv8 had not been available to me, I dread to think what would have happened to me. I was at an extremely low point [...] the support I have had from Motiv8 has been fantastic [...] Everyone I’ve come into contact with through Motiv8 has been brilliant.”

Project name Motiv8
Duration 2016 - 2019
ESF contribution € 4,850,000.00
Total budget € 9,700,000.00
Participants 2441
Country United Kingdom
Organisation Motiv8 is led by Jigsaw Group through Manchester Athena, a partnership of housing associations.
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