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Helping young people to help young people


2 students planning their project
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In Sweden, Hassela Movement is helping excluded young people to discover their talents and employability, by training them to work with children and young people themselves as a coach.

In southern Sweden, young people who have been isolated or excluded, or are otherwise not in employment, education or training, are being given the chance to learn new skills and become self-sufficient members of society.

Thanks to the Hassela Movement, people aged between 15 and 24 are being given the opportunity to take part in a scheme that helps them discover their talents, supports them as individuals, and trains them to work with children and young people themselves as a coach.

The reasons for people to be out of work are complex, and everyone is different, which is why Hassela Movement supports each participant holistically, rather than offering standalone training. So, as well as training the participants in the theory of working with young people, the scheme also offers support with issues like conflict resolution and relationships, matches each trainee with a suitable workplace, and helps them to plan their future career.

The goal is to give each participant the tools to move forward independently as a part of wider society.

What's more, the Hassela Movement creates a "virtuous circle". The young people who take part gain skills and employment or training, the schools and organisations they work with get the help they need, and the children they work with in their new role are less likely to become isolated or excluded themselves.

Project Manager Nina Palm says, “The best thing about the project is […] to see people from destructive backgrounds become constructive.”

Project name Hassela Movement
Duration 2015 - 2019
ESF contribution € 1,375,483.00
Total budget € 2,063,246.00
Participants 300
Country Sweden
Organisation Hassela Helpline
Contact details Nina Palm
+46 40-6004342
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