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Caritas Española: offering paths to employment


Caritas is a worldwide organisation active in helping the unemployed get back to work. In Spain, Caritas has undertaken many jobs-related projects –helping over a million people – and often with the help of ESF funding. Some examples are:

Social job generation

In Albacete, the Caritas 'El Sembrador' Foundation is helping people with special difficulties to become more socially and professionally integrated. The innovative project element is the inclusion of key strategic partners, including a University and the local Chamber of Commerce. The project works to promote reflection and research by public administrations and private companies into socio-professional integration, thereby fostering a sense of 'co-responsibility' for the most excluded members of society.

Also notable is the project's focus on environmental recovery and protection, and rural development, through job-generating activities in rural settings.

Employment mediation services

In Granada, Caritas is applying the principle of 'socio-professional accompaniment' to put job-seekers in direct contact with potential employers. Job-seekers get help enrolling with a placement agency, and also during and after the recruitment process. Meanwhile, Caritas works to establish long-term relationships with potential employers, raising awareness of Caritas' activities, finding out about the employers' needs, and providing information about potential employees. Then they accompany those potential employees in face-to-face meetings with the employers.

Key achievements include specific agreements with companies to provide ongoing vocational training and other in-work assistance for project participants.

Jobs in the recycling industry

In Menorca, the Caritas 'Mestral' project creates job opportunities in the recycling sector, including recuperation of bulky or dangerous waste objects and electronic equipment, and selective paper collection. It is also active in the textiles, carpentry, furniture restoration, electronic equipment repair, warehousing, agriculture and other sectors.

Participants include socially-excluded individuals and people with difficulties in job-integration. They receive technical and practical training adapted to their competences, complemented by training in social skills, communication, working habits, etc., according to their personal needs.

Project achievements include the establishment of the first and only bulky waste treatment plant on the island of Menorca.

Although unemployment remains a generalised problem in Spain, affecting a diverse cross-section of society, ESF-funded Caritas projects like those described above tend to focus on groups with special difficulties, including immigrants, disadvantaged women, less qualified young people and the over-45 unemployed.


Project name: CARITAS
Area of activity: Access to employment and social inclusion
Project duration:  
ESF contribution:  
Total budget:  
Country: Spain
Organisation: Caritas Española
Contact details:
+34 91 44 41 000