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Workplace learning in focus


Language supporter, trainee and patient
© Yvonne Nyman

Kravmärkt yrkesroll has developed in-service training for healthcare staff to develop skills and improve quality assurance. It addresses the needs of nursing staff based on the demands in the work place, first seen with the rise in numbers of elderly patients and cases of dementia in the 1990s.

Marie Ardström, the manager of Kravmärkt yrkesroll, explains, “there was a gap between what the students learned on the healthcare programme at their upper-secondary school and the skills actually needed for geriatric care.”

First of all, a three-year project, Växahuset Vård & Omsorg, started in Stockholm County in 2001, with financial support from the ESF. This was followed by a second sub-project, Modellarbetsplatser (Model Workplaces). The third, and current, version of the project addresses more than nursing roles.

“We also need skilled personal care workers,” says Ms Ardström. “It is easy to forget how much responsibility this occupational group has; a mistake made when medication is given can have dire consequences.”

Nursing assistants and auxiliary nurses were given an assignment to describe everything they did in their workplaces and the skills needed. Employees were then given a voice in how their training should be conducted.

“If the additional training is about dementia, for example, the learning plan is made with a dementia nurse who then becomes the teacher,” says Ms Ardström. The plan is also tailored to the person’s learning style, so some can work with a colleague to gain practical experience, while others get more theoretical training.

"This has led to improvements in cooperation between the registered staff and the nursing staff in day-to-day working situations,” according to Ms Ardström.

“Now, the ambition is that we should proceed with other related professional roles. For example, personal care workers who work with people with disabilities,” she says.


Project name: Workplace learning in focus (kravmärkt yrkesroll)
Area of activity: Education/training
Project duration: 2010-2013
ESF contribution: SEK 7.9 million
Total budget: SEK 7.9 million
Participants: 5,000 nursing assistants and auxiliary nurses
Country: Sweden
Organisation: Municipality of Haninge
Contact details: Marie Ardström
+46 (0)8-522 54 610