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Coached to succeed


An ESF-backed project in Malmö, Sweden, is trying to integrate socially excluded youth between the ages of 18-24 into society using a number of innovative methods. Malmö’s House of Dreams is undertaking the ‘New City’ project to promote personal development among socially excluded and unemployed youth. It does this through dedicated personal coaches who work with participants to get them into employment or study.

“The unemployment rate for youth in Malmö is very high,” says Johanna Eriksson, one of the coaches involved in the project, “and some hesitate to seek contact with the authorities, either because they are not aware of what kind of help they can get or because they think the authorities cannot help them.”

Each youth has his or her own personal goals and the coach is there to motivate them. Activities include going to job fairs, attending motivational courses as well as taking part in creative courses, such as boxing and dancing, which aim to stimulate the young people.

The coaches are also in close contact with the local authorities with the aim of changing their perceptions regarding the unemployed youth in the Malmö area.

The project will run until the end of 2011, with the House of Dreams aiming to get 70% of participants into study or work. So far, since it began in 2009, 50% of the 450 participants have found work or started studying. By the end of the project, it expects to have coached 900 participants.


Project name: New City
Area of activity: Increased labour supply
Project duration: 2009 – 2011
ESF contribution: €502 794
Total budget: €1 257 836
Participants: 450 (expected 900)
Country: Sweden
Organisation: House of Dreams
Contact details: Jessica Hultzen
+46 (0)40 31 15 80