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Helping Roma youngsters find work


Roma youngsters receiving training to become welders in Spain
© European Commission

The 40-million-euro, seven-year Acceder Project, to give equal opportunities to Roma youngsters and facilitate their insertion in the labour market, has involved no less than 13 Spanish regions and over 40 city councils in the country.

Acceder is part of a wider ‘Fight Against Discrimination’ programme and mainly targets unemployed and unskilled Roma people. It seeks to aid them proactively through grassroots interventions and actions that take into account the complex needs of this special community.

By eliminating barriers to training and paid employment, Acceder demonstrates the power of equal opportunities. At the same time, it is improving the standard of living of thousands of Spanish Roma people and their families.

In the first three years of this ESF-funded project alone, 6,680 Roma obtained employment contracts, nearly 2,500 of which were women. Indeed, some 51,000 mainly young people have used the programme to date, with over 35,000 people launched on personalised labour insertion pathways and a further 11,000 trained or now undergoing professional training.

Perhaps Acceder’s most important achievement has been to establish direct links between Roma workers, employers and the Government by promoting a partnership network with administrations and companies.

The project has also produced a wealth of data about Roma in Spain, publishing several studies which have contributed to raising public awareness of their situation, as well as promoting their social inclusion.


Project name: Acceder: Supporting access to employment for Roma people
Area of activity: Giving a chance to all, Fighting marginalisation
Project duration: January 2007 – December 2013
ESF contribution: EUR 30.91 million
Total budget: EUR 41.31 million
Participants: 50 984
Country: Spain
Organisation: ESF Administrative Unit (UASFE), Employment Ministry
Contact details: Marta García Rodriguez
+34 91 363 18 18