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The ESF is funding tens of thousands of projects across the Union that make a real difference to the lives of millions of individuals. Here you can find some examples.

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Keeping unemployed people competitive

Keeping unemployed people competitive (02/07/2014)

Over 120,000 unemployed Latvians have kept their competitiveness in the jobs market by undertaking retraining and requalification programmes funded by the European Social Fund and Latvian Government.
ESF Contribution : EUR 95.3 million – Number of Participants : 120 118

Skills are key for competitiveness

Skills are key for competitiveness (16/09/2013)

A training scheme in Latvia aims to strengthen the performance of businesses across a range of sectors through personalised training offers for their workers.
ESF Contribution : Over EUR 25 000 000 – Number of Participants : About 22 000, including at least 700 young people.

Improving the job prospects of young people

Improving the job prospects of young people (20/08/2013)

Latvia’s Workplace for Youth project aims to integrate young people into the labour market through practical work placements and other support measures.
ESF Contribution : EUR 1 182 832 – Number of Participants : 1037

Promoting primary vocational education

Promoting primary vocational education (15/10/2012)

The ‘Promotion of Primary Vocational Education Attraction’ project in Latvia enhances the attraction of vocational education by providing scholarship grants to students from 14 to 18 years old.
ESF contribution: €31 264 921 - Number of participants: 31 983 students

Retraining after the crisis

Retraining after the crisis (10/10/2012)

The Latvian ESF project ‘Raising teachers’ seeks to retrain teachers.
Participants: 27.486 - ESF contribution: €23.968.460

A world of difference for deaf people

A world of difference for deaf people (29/08/2011)

The aim of the ESF-funded 'World of Silence' project is to help deaf people stay in touch with the rest of society.
Participants: 506 - ESF contribution: €479 420