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The ESF is funding tens of thousands of projects across the Union that make a real difference to the lives of millions of individuals. Here you can find some examples.

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New skills, new perspectives

New skills, new perspectives (12/09/2013)

In Zealand, Denmark, a project aims to develop new forms of partnership between educational institutions and employment agencies to improve the job prospects of unskilled job seekers over 30.
ESF Contribution : DKK 18.5 million – Number of Participants : DKK 37 million

Finding a sense of purpose…and belonging

Finding a sense of purpose…and belonging (22/08/2013)

A project in Denmark aims to improve the educational attainment of young people who are struggling to find work.
ESF Contribution : EUR 982 713 – Number of Participants : 400

Recognising the value of informal learning

Recognising the value of informal learning (22/04/2013)

A Danish project is offering training that takes into account experience gained outside formal education, to make sure the local workforce has the skills needed to fill anticipated shortfalls.
ESF Contribution : DKK 15 000 000 – Number of Participants : 2500

Hanging on for new skills

Hanging on for new skills (29/02/2012)

The Hold Fast project is playing a major role in encouraging young Danes to stay on at school and get the qualifications they need for a good job.
Participants: 12000 - ESF contribution: €3 031 000

Keeping education rolling

Keeping education rolling (28/02/2012)

In response to the high school and vocational education drop-out rates of young people from ethnic minority backgrounds, the Danish "Hold On Tight Caravan" project is supporting all elements of the education and training process to increase the number of young people from minorities with qualifications.
ESF contribution: €3 214 000