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ESF-Projekte bringen jedem Einzelnen echte Verbesserungen und steigern seine Berufschancen. Sie öffnen die Tür zu Arbeitsmöglichkeiten und helfen Menschen beim Zugang zu besseren Arbeitsplätzen.

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Improving attendance at school

Improving attendance at school (12/06/2014)

An innovative Slovakian project has helped almost 400 children with learning difficulties learn what they want to do in life and reduced the risk of them dropping out of school before adulthood.
ESF Contribution : EUR 235 900 – Number of Participants : 390

Making the move from benefits to paid work

Making the move from benefits to paid work (30/08/2013)

A project in Slovakia aims to give long-term unemployed people work experience and social support in order to improve their employability.
ESF Contribution : EUR 297 463 – Number of Participants : 40

Wanted: qualified doctors

Wanted: qualified doctors (15/12/2011)

An ESF-funded project increased and supported the skills of health workers in a region affected by lack of qualified medical specialists.
Participants: 25 - ESF contribution: €55 610

Innovation of education

Innovation of education (28/11/2011)

An ESF-funded project in Slovakia proved that not only can science be fun for children, it can also be a stimulating experience for teachers exploring innovative teaching methodologies.
Participants: 362 - ESF contribution: €77 230