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The ESF in Slovenia

Slovenia is focusing ESF support on citizens that need it most. Employment and social inclusion measures are helping disadvantaged Slovenians and those facing obstacles to work to get access to the same skills, qualifications and job opportunities as others.

Across Europe and in Slovenia the ESF is supporting the labour market, helping people get better jobs and ensuring fairer living standards and more employment opportunities for all EU citizens. It is doing this by investing in Europe’s human capital – its workers, its young people, disadvantaged groups and all those seeking a job. Tens of thousands of ESF projects are active in Europe’s cities, towns, rural communities and neighbourhoods. They are opening doors to better skills, work, qualifications and a more inclusive society for all Europeans.

Opportunities for all

Slovenia is using ESF funding as an investment in skills and opportunities. Strong emphasis is on creating a supportive environment for younger and older people, the low-skilled and the long-term unemployed, ensuring they can get training in job-related skills that improve their chances of finding work. By 2020, some 25 000 people will have benefited from these measures. The ESF is also helping graduates find work, as shown in a government project encouraging employers to give them work experience and make use of their skills.

Supporting inclusion

ESF projects are also contributing to a big reduction in the number of Slovenians who are at risk of poverty – some 90 000 fewer by 2020 is the target. Active inclusion activities, access to good-quality health and social services and the promotion of social enterprise are examples of the measures underway, as seen in the Roma Café project in Maribor which offers jobs to local people. Such social inclusion initiatives support disadvantaged people – whether minorities or people with disabilities – and ensure they have access to the same social and job opportunities as others.

The ESF is also helping improve the efficiency of Slovenia's legal and administrative system such that it can serve citizens better and contribute to a better business environment – thus boosting living standards and economic competitiveness.