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The ESF in Slovakia

Slovakia is using ESF funding to tackle high levels of long-term unemployment. A wide range of projects are improving people’s job prospects and helping those from vulnerable groups find it easier to get work. There are also targeted investments in improving the education system and giving better access to training and lifelong learning opportunities.

More jobs for more people

Slovakia is putting much effort into reducing the level of long-term unemployment among its population, as well as increasing employment generally. To achieve these goals, ESF funding is directed at giving job-seekers and employees better skills and helping them become more adaptable to changing job markets. Between 2007 and 2011, some 24 000 new jobs were created and 26 000 people found work as a result of ESF measures. This achievement has been supported by projects to improve public employment services and help them offer a better service to job-seekers and those looking for training and development opportunities.

ESF projects are also targeting vulnerable social groups – people who find it more difficult to find a suitable job than others. Among others, young people, older workers, those in rural communities and minorities such as the Roma are gaining opportunities to train and acquire the skills they need to get jobs and raise their living standards. These actions are contributing towards building a more inclusive society in Slovakia.

A culture of learning

Slovakia is reforming its education and training system with ESF help. Improving the quality of teaching and school curricula are among the measures being taken to ensure that young people’s qualifications give them the skills to succeed in the modern world. The emphasis is on science and technology as well as foreign languages, which are considered of particular importance for employment and the economy. ESF projects are also working to instil a culture of lifelong learning among Slovak citizens, both employees and job-seekers. The aim is to give people control over their careers by acquiring the skills and qualifications they need to succeed: in their current job or in a different one.

All these measures form part of Slovakia’s commitment to have 72% of its people in employment by 2020 and to lift some 170 000 out of the risk of poverty and exclusion.

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