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The ESF in Portugal

Portugal is using ESF support to boost the quality of its education and training system at all levels and thus combat unemployment. Citizens should have the chance to get new skills to be successful on the job market, including those from vulnerable groups.

Education and skills

The ESF is helping create a highly qualified and employable workforce by offering specialised, additional training in areas such as information technologies – in which some 30 000 graduates from all disciplines have participated so far. And with ESF encouragement, employers are getting more closely involved in training institutions and the courses they offer – to ensure job-seekers and workers get the skills they need to get a job and to get on in a job. More widely, over 260 000 young people have taken scholarships for university education with ESF support. And this support continues into the workplace, with programmes for company internships – in Portugal and also in multinational companies abroad. These measures are helping train a new generation of young, highly qualified workers with an international outlook who can benefit from the jobs that will ensure growth in the future.

More opportunities for all

The ESF is helping to give low-skilled workers and job-seekers the chance to improve their prospects with training opportunities and qualifications. Close to 2 million people have already benefited from training activities. Much of this training is aimed at improving innovation and management skills and, each year, ESF funding is helping some 4 000 entrepreneurs to prepare for, set up and run their businesses better.

Reducing the number of people at risk of poverty is a key priority and ESF funding is helping many disadvantaged job-seekers to find jobs. Some 7000 disabled people are helped to get skills and find work each year. Over 18 000 new childcare places are enabling women to return to work and raise their living standards. And immigrant groups enduring poverty and unemployment are receiving training, qualifications and help to find work.

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