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The ESF in Malta

Malta is highly dependent on the quality of its workforce and is using ESF funding to improve training, skills and qualifications. It is also taking steps to raise the quality of its education and training system and encourage greater participation in the workforce.

Education and training

Better access to vocational training in order to reduce the number of unqualified school leavers is a key priority for ESF support. Vocational courses are now offered in secondary schools to encourage students to continue their education, while workers are also encouraged to train as part of efforts to embed a culture of lifelong learning. An example is a tourism training project that is boosting workers skills in this important sector.

Wider training opportunities for all are also an important tool for encouraging more people to join the workforce. Better access to childcare and more flexible working schemes are helping women to take up training opportunities and return to work. And the ESF is helping older people and disabled job-seekers with training and work placements – so far, over 2 000 of these have turned into full-time jobs.

Building know-how

With growing demand for skills in knowledge-based industries, such as information technology and financial services, the ESF is helping train the people to meet this need. Education in general and science and technology skills in particular, are the target of many ESF measures. The Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology is playing a critical role with new, industry-related vocational courses suited to many groups of students. Sustainable tourism, niche manufacturing and aircraft maintenance are just some of the areas where job-seekers can find the skills and qualifications needed to fill available jobs.

The ESF is also supporting higher education by offering students the chance to follow postgraduate courses both in Malta and abroad. These projects are supporting Malta’s aim of having one-third of its workforce with tertiary education by 2020.

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