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The ESF in Latvia

Latvia is using ESF investments to upskill its workforce and offer new opportunities to all jobseekers, in particular the young. Social inclusion and education measures are also underway.

Across Europe and in Latvia the ESF is supporting the labour market, helping people get better jobs and ensuring fairer living standards and more employment opportunities for all EU citizens. It is doing this by investing in Europe’s human capital – its workers, its young people, disadvantaged groups and all those seeking a job. Tens of thousands of ESF projects are active in Europe’s cities, towns, rural communities and neighbourhoods. They are opening doors to better skills, work, qualifications and a more inclusive society for all Europeans.

Boosting employability

Latvia is using ESF funding to boost employment and give its citizens the skills and opportunities they need to find work. Targeted training measures are underway to support the low-skilled and older workers who need new or upgraded skills. Young people are benefiting from actions funded under the Youth Employment Initiative, offering training, work experience and apprenticeships as well as individual help to make the transition into working life. In addition, the ESF is supporting improvements to health and safety at work.

ESF measures are supporting social inclusion and anti-poverty actions. Among these is a strong focus on the de-institutionalisation of adults with mental disabilities and children in care. This is being achieved through new community-based care approaches. ESF projects are giving better access to health services for the socially excluded and people in remote rural locations. They are also supporting health promotion and disease prevention measures at community level.

Education reform

Education reforms are underway to upgrade higher education, including joint, multilingual post-graduate programmes, an accreditation agency and better governance. Overall, ESF investments are bringing improvements to the education and vocational training systems – ensuring they offer people the right skills and qualifications to prosper in the labour market. A comprehensive career guidance system is under development and a new lifelong learning implementation model launched at regional level.

The ESF is also supporting improvements to the judiciary and public administration in Latvia to ensure better services to citizens and businesses, for example through one-stop-shops like those recently set up in Riga.