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The ESF in Luxembourg

The ESF is supporting a series of initiatives to increase employment and make better use of the Duchy’s human resources – its workers. Encouraging a culture of innovation, helping improve productivity and boosting jobs in the digital economy are among the many measures being taken to provide more and better jobs and train the workers to fill them.

Better access to jobs

For people facing obstacles to getting a job, the ESF is providing many new opportunities to train in the new skills that are in demand. For example, expanded childcare provision and more flexible working arrangements are on offer to mothers who want to get back to work. Older workers can retrain in new skills and employers are helped to employ them with support and guidance and job-seekers in Luxembourg’s financial sector can get training and counselling in an effort to get back to work in the Fit4Job initiative.

Young people are another particular focus. Projects are helping young people take the important step between school and work with individual guidance on the skills and qualifications they need. Young disabled people are finding suitable work opportunities, such as in information technologies.
And young job-seekers with few skills are getting help to find apprenticeships and gain qualifications in co-operation with employers in the Youth4Work pilot initiative which uses innovative and personalised programmes to ensure their integration into the workforce.

An adaptable workforce

The ESF is supporting an Employment and Labour Market Observatory which is giving the authorities a clearer view of developments in the jobs market and the new skills workers need to benefit from such changes. An example is the Fit4Commerce project that analyses the needs of the retail sector and its workers and then offers suitable training programmes to reinforce skills and improve job prospects. And hospital workers are getting the value-added management training they need to meet the increasingly complex demands of their jobs.

Together with companies and SMEs, the ESF is promoting lifelong learning among workers to enhance competences and help people do their jobs better. At the same time, workers’ organisations are encouraging their members to take on vocational training opportunities with ESF help in areas such as financial services and information technologies. Projects like these are giving employees the skills and opportunities to work in the new industrial sectors that are being fostered in the Luxembourg economy.

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