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The ESF in Greece

The ESF in Greece aims to give workers and job-seekers the training and skills they need to take on productive and sustainable jobs. Entrepreneurship is being encouraged, especially among the young, as is a culture of lifelong learning to ensure skills and qualifications are kept up to date. The ESF is also helping bring more people into the workforce, in particular from among disadvantaged groups.

More people in work

The ESF is helping many groups of people who face particular obstacles to work, such as older workers, disabled job-seekers and people from minorities. Women and second-earners are getting help to improve their job prospects with projects to reconcile family and working life – some 70 000 people have been supported so far. And the ESF is encouraging entrepreneurship among these groups with training in small business management skills and access to finance – up to 20 000 new businesses are expected to benefit from these measures.

For young people, there is support for companies that offer them work experience and training opportunities leading to better employment prospects and permanent jobs. Furthermore, for older unemployed people hit by the crisis, the ESF is supporting some 120 000 part-time jobs in local authorities to help them complete their working lives in dignity and top up their pension contributions.

Better skills at work

ESF projects are giving the young and people in work opportunities to update their skills and acquire new ones, which is vital for ensuring they can fill the jobs in a more productive economy. Those with low qualifications are being given the chance to return to learning, complete compulsory education and gain valuable qualifications. Parents are encouraged to get involved in their children’s education to reduce drop-out rates and improve education levels. ESF projects are giving older workers, immigrants and Roma job-seekers vital computer and internet skills to help them find better jobs and boost inclusion in the workforce.

By boosting skills, the ESF is supporting Greece’s objectives of raising employment levels and reducing the number of people who are at risk of poverty.

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