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The ESF in Finland

As part of its drive for ecologically and socially sustainable growth, Finland is using ESF funding to ensure that all citizens who can work are given the opportunities to do so. By promoting training and lifelong learning, the ESF is bringing more people into the jobs market and giving them the high skill levels needed to prosper.

Boosting enterprise

The ESF is boosting the spirit of enterprise and the internationalisation of Finnish companies, both hi-tech and traditional. One example is the Wood Academy project which is generating fresh ideas, innovative talent and new products to generate jobs in the forest sector. New ideas are also at the heart of an innovative ESF programme in Northern Karelia which is helping young graduates to get a first job in an SME and demonstrate how their up-to-date skills and fresh approaches can contribute to improving products, increasing exports and creating new growth opportunities.

Throughout the education system, the ESF is promoting the entrepreneurial spirit among young Finns to give them the skills and attitudes to become the entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow.

Training for employment

ESF initiatives are offering new opportunities for many groups of people who face obstacles to getting a job, such as the long-term unemployed and older workers who need to update their skills. And these efforts have a wide scope: for example, in Tampere where artists and unemployed creative workers are helped to find suitable jobs or set up their own enterprises. Likewise, in North Karelia, immigrant Russian doctors and their families are being helped with language and cultural training – to boost health-care provision in the region.

The ESF is also supporting Finland’s objective that every young person should find a job or an internship or apprenticeship when they enter the labour market. For example, the PETRA project in Vantaa is collaborating with local companies to find jobs and internships for young job-seekers together with mentoring and training activities that will improve their future job prospects.

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