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The ESF in Austria

In Austria, the ESF is focused on measures to get more people into work by supporting training, education and job creation. Much of this effort is concentrated on the unemployed, women, recent immigrants and other disadvantaged groups.

Adaptability and equality

ESF projects are helping older workers to acquire new skills and stay in work for longer – for example, through a one-stop-shop project that offers counselling and support to those with health problems. The project also works with employers to adapt working practices to the needs of older workers and ensure their valuable skills are retained and passed on. Adaptability is also encouraged among parents and their employers – such as a project in Burgenland that offers training to women who want to return to work after career breaks – giving them the chance to update their skills and improve their job prospects. Equal opportunities is also a strong focus for ESF measures which are reaching out to vulnerable groups, such as the disabled and the long-term unemployed, with innovative projects to help them get jobs.

Fighting unemployment

Improving job security is a high priority which the ESF is meeting in training projects to improve workers’ skills and qualifications. One example is a project in Krems where 500 workers took part in training programmes with ESF support – helping them gain new skills while preserving their jobs. Such measures are expected to reach some 10 000 workers in total. Practical training is on offer to 1500 young job-seekers who cannot find apprenticeships – giving them skills that can improve their chances of finding work. Young people from immigrant backgrounds are being helped to integrate better into the national education system. The ESF is also supporting lifelong learning through projects that make combining work and education much easier for many groups of disadvantaged people.

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