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Compare Qualifications Frameworks

Following extensive national consultations with stakeholders, countries present the results of the referencing of their national qualifications levels to the appropriate levels of the European Qualifications Framework based on a set of criteria agreed at European level.

The interactive table below allows you to compare national qualifications systems or frameworks of countries that have already related their national qualifications levels to the EQF. To compare how one country references its national qualification levels to the EQF with another, select a flag of the country of your choice to start the process.

The blue box at the top of the comparison chart gives access to all key information on the qualification system of the selected country. It leads you to the National Coordination Point (NCP) of the country, which provides access to information and guidance to stakeholders on how national qualifications relate to the EQF through their national qualifications systems. Furthermore, the detailed report on the national referencing processes ("national referencing report") and the presentation of the national qualifications systems ("NQF/NQS") may also be reached from the blue box.

Below it is presented how the national qualifications levels of the selected country relate to the eight reference levels of the EQF. By clicking on the levels of the EQF, you will find the description of the relevant EQF level in terms of learning outcomes: knowledge, skills and competences. As you will see some national qualifications levels are and may be linked to one, two or more EQF levels. This indicates that NQF levels may be significantly broad. It may also occur that two or more NQF levels are related to a single EQF level, which indicates that those national levels are significantly narrow. At present, some countries have qualifications levels below EQF level one. As EQF starts at EQF Level 1, referencing national qualifications levels below that level is not possible.

For each NQF level (click on the NQF level) there is a description, in particular of its learning outcomes, as well as examples of qualifications at that level (up to five). There are many more qualifications at each NQF level; however, the examples aim to get a better idea of what qualifications an NQF level contains. Depending on the characteristics of the national qualifications systems, countries provide examples of individual qualifications or types of qualifications. More detailed information on these examples is provided through access to national websites and databases of qualifications.

"See more" will lead you to more information on the NCP and the referencing process.

COMPARISON (Up to 5 examples of qualifications are provided for each NQF level. National systems may include many other qualifications at these levels)