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  • Foresight Matters.

    EPSC Newsletter #2

    Foresight matters accross all policies and sectors. Read commentaries from leading global experts and more in our latest newsletter!

  • Towards
    a ‘Security Union’

    Bolstering the EU’s Counter-Terrorism Response

    The terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, just as the earlier ones in Madrid and London, were a brutal reminder that central pillars of the EU, such as the ‘area of freedom, security and justice’, are being challenged. That is why the time is ripe for a genuine ‘Security Union’.

  • The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI)

    Maximising its Potential

    This strategic note highlights the success of the EFSI in addressing the "investment gap" the EU faces and suggests possible ways in which it could evolve as a tool.

  • Europe as an Investment Destination

    High-level conference | 6 April 2016 | Brussels

    Keynote speakers:

    • Jean-Claude Juncker
      President of the European Commission
    • Werner Hoyer
      President of the European Investment Bank
    • Jyrki Katainen
      Vice-President of the European Commission
  • Economic Diplomacy and Foreign Policy: Friends or Foes?

    Seminar | 25 February 2016 | Brussels

    Convened to intellectually accompany the preparations of the new EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy as well as feed into the ongoing reflection on economic diplomacy.

  • From Mutual Assistance to Collective Security

    Article 42(7) TEU: Orchestrating Our Response to New Threats

    The EU’s very own collective defence clause, long deemed irrelevant, has come to life, adding a new political dimension to security discussions in Europe, from the Baltics to Cyprus.

  • Five Presidents' Report Series

    Deepening EMU

    To intellectually accompany the implementation of the Five Presidents' Report on completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union, the EPSC publishes three papers on timely topics.

Staff and teams

EPSC staff is composed of a professional staff of advisers, policy analysts and support staff with appropriate experience and track record. There are 6 teams of specialists: an Economic Team, a Social Affairs Team, a Sustainable Development Team, a Foreign Affairs Team, an Institutional Team and an Outreach and Communication Team.

European Strategy and Policy Analysis System

The European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) is a unique inter-institutional initiative of the EU that aims to identify the main global trends with a time horizon of 2030, assess the implications of these trends for the EU and review the challenges and policy options facing decision makers.

Work Programme 2016
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