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  • Integration of Products and Services

    Taking the Single Market into the 21st Century

    Future historians may well look at our time as equally determinant in redesigning the economic rules of the game as the 19th century industrial revolution.

  • Europe 2020

    From Indicators and Targets to Performance and Delivery

    Europe 2020 is an opportunity to rediscover the future, by ensuring that day-to-day policy making is aligned with this Commission’s objective to pursue upward convergence and long-term drivers of growth.

  • The Social Dimension of Economic and Monetary Union

    Towards Convergence and Resilience

    Upward convergence must be seen as the unifying common goal and leitmotif of Economic and Monetary Union.

  • How is Technology Transforming Health?

    European Group on Ethics developing report on new health technologies.

    The European Group on Ethics, the expert body hosted by the EPSC to provide advice on ethical aspects of science and new technologies, is currently examining the implications of profound changes for health technology and policy.

  • ESPAS New Cycle!

    European Strategy and Policy Analysis System starting its new cycle of activities

    After recently publishing Global Trends to 2030: Can the EU meet the challenges ahead?, ESPAS is organizing a new series of events. This year's Annual Conference will explore the first of the three 'global revolutions' identified in the report: 'The Global Economic and Technological Revolution', on the 12 and 13 November.

Staff and teams

EPSC staff is composed of a professional staff of advisers, policy analysts and support staff with appropriate experience and track record. There are 6 teams of specialists: an Economic Team, a Social Affairs Team, a Sustainable Development Team, a Foreign Affairs Team, an Institutional Team and an Outreach and Communication Team.

European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies

The EPSC provides the Secretariat of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE), the independent and multi-disciplinary advisory body tasked with providing the Commission with high quality advice on ethical aspects of science and new technologies in connection with the preparation of EU legislation or policies.

European Strategy and Policy Analysis System

The European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) is a unique inter-institutional initiative of the EU that aims to identify the main global trends with a time horizon of 2030, assess the implications of these trends for the EU and review the challenges and policy options facing decision makers.