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  • Sustainability Now!

    A European Vision for Sustainability

    Report by Karl Falkenberg, Senior Adviser for Sustainable Development to the President of the European Commission.

  • Towards Low-Emission Mobility

    Driving the Modernisation of the EU Economy

    Reaping the economic and social gains of the low-carbon transition hinges on modernising our notion of ‘mobility’.

  • Engaging China at a Time of Transition

    Capitalising on a New Era of Chinese Global Investment and Foreign Policy Initiatives

  • Towards an Innovation Principle Endorsed by Better Regulation

    An innovation principle can unleash the innovative potential of European societies.

  • Opportunity Now

    Europe’s Mission to Innovate

    Review by Robert Madelin, Senior Adviser for Innovation to the President of the European Commission

  • The Future of Work

    Skills and Resilience for a World of Change

    Work glues societies together. It translates talent into broader economic virtue and lends meaning as well as structure to most people’s lives. Yet, tectonic shifts are re-shaping the ways that work is performed.

  • Foresight Matters.

    EPSC Newsletter #2

    Foresight matters accross all policies and sectors. Read commentaries from leading global experts and more in our latest newsletter!

Staff and teams

EPSC staff is composed of a professional staff of advisers, policy analysts and support staff with appropriate experience and track record. There are 6 teams of specialists: an Economic Team, a Social Affairs Team, a Sustainable Development Team, a Foreign Affairs Team, an Institutional Team and an Outreach and Communication Team.

European Strategy and Policy Analysis System

The European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) is a unique inter-institutional initiative of the EU that aims to identify the main global trends with a time horizon of 2030, assess the implications of these trends for the EU and review the challenges and policy options facing decision makers.

Work Programme 2016
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