ePlatform for Adult Learning in Europe

Shaping EPALE’s themes

Shaping EPALE’s themes

We will use Themes to help organise EPALE, so our survey asks you to prioritise them.

We are planning on grouping everything we publish on the site – all educational resources, news, events – everything in fact – into Themes and sub-Themes. The idea is to make it easier to find EPALE resources, and to help members connect and network according to their interests.

By identifying which Themes and sub-Themes interest you most, the survey will help us identify what topics we should focus on. We are suggesting the following Themes – but don’t forget to let us know what you think of them via the survey:

  1. Learner support
    1. Various target groups (migrants, unemployed, seniors, etc.)
    2. Support measures (outreach, validation of informal learning, qualifications, barriers to learning, etc.)
  2. Learning environments
    1. Providers
    2. Informal and non-formal learning
    3. Digital
    4. Blended learning
    5. Intergenerational
    6. Volunteering
    7. Community learning
    8. Work place learning
  3. Life skills
    1. Key competences (literacy, numeracy, ICT, languages, entrepreneurship)
    2. Professional skills (C-VET)
    3. Other (citizenship, art and culture, etc.)
  4. Quality
    1. Professional development of adult learning staff
    2. Curriculum development
    3. Innovative practices
    4. Accreditation
    5. Quality assurance
  5. Policies, strategies and financing
    1. Adult learning systems and policies (incl. governance, NQF / EQF)
    2. Benefits of adult learning
    3. Legislation
    4. Research in adult learning
    5. Funding (strategies, available funding at European / national / regional / local level)

Are these the right Themes? Remarks or questions? Let us know via the survey.