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Welcome to EPALE

EPALE is the new multilingual community of adult learning professionals like you! It’s here to help you work together to improve the quality and provision of adult learning in Europe, establish a strong pan-European Adult Learning sector and enable you, as adult education professionals and multipliers, to reach out to all adults.

So, if you are involved in adult learning as a professional or volunteer, a policy maker or academic, then EPALE is being built for you!


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EPALE - the ePlatform for
Adult Learning in Europe

EPALE is a multilingual open membership community funded by the European Commission, as the latest development in an ongoing commitment to improving the quality of adult learning provision in Europe. You can read more about the EU policy on adult learning here.

The site is particularly designed to be of interest to teachers, trainers, researchers, academics, policy makers and anyone else with a professional role in adult learning across Europe.

There will be lots of really useful tools on the site within the next few weeks, including a calendar of events and a partner search area. In fact we want EPALE to have everything you need to know about adult learning across Europe in one place!

As the site develops you will be able to exchange news, views, ideas and resources with others throughout Europe.

Everything within the site will be organised around five important adult learning Themes. You can find out about our suggestions for the key themes here.

We are committed to involving you, the adult learning community, throughout the development of EPALE, so that it meets your expectations and gives you what you need from a Europe-wide online community.

Survey results coming soon!

Help shape EPALE!

Welcome to EPALE – the online community for adult learning professionals in Europe!

Not heard of EPALE before? That’s because it is a brand new initiative in adult learning funded by the European Commission. It is part of a long-term commitment to promoting improvements and better networking within the adult learning sector across Europe and offering every adult the chance to access high quality learning opportunities.

So why are we creating EPALE? Adult learning is increasingly important to Europe’s economy and society. A recent international survey on adult skills shows that Europe performs less well than many of its competitors. One fifth of EU adults have very low levels of literacy and numeracy, and one quarter lack the skills to use digital technologies effectively.

Because the EU and Member States recognise its importance, a Europe-wide target of 15% of adults participating in lifelong learning by 2020 is in place – but most countries are still far from this. This is highlighted in the European Agenda for Adult Learning, alongside a drive to increase the quality and outreach of learning opportunities.

The European Commission recognises that a lot more can be done to help professionals across Europe work and learn together, and that’s why they are developing this multilingual community resource. By removing linguistic barriers, an open exchange of materials, tools, resources and ideas can flow more easily, helping promote good practice and, in that way, also help raise standards.

Survey results coming soon!

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From the Central Support Team:
(We are the ones behind the scenes, making sure that EPALE is current, relevant and does what you need it to. At the moment we are busy creating the new EPALE site and we will be bringing you lots more exciting features soon!)