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WFD CIRCA - the Information Exchange Platform

One of the key activities under the joint implementation for the Water Framework Directive is the improvement of the information exchange between Countries, European institutions, the various stakeholders and the interested public. In order to promote an increases information exchange and to facilitate the work in the numerous expert groups, the Commission set up an internet-based platform, the so-called "WFD CIRCA".

CIRCA stands for "Communication Information Resource Centre Administrator" and it is a software tool, developed under the European Commission IDA programme, which is tuned towards Public Administrations' needs.

If you are familiar with the tool, you can directly access the public part of the WFD CIRCA site

However, you may want to know more about the following issues: 

If you have questions or problems in accessing the information exchange platform, please contact the "WFD CIRCA Help Desk" of Environment DG.

If you need any help regarding the use of the CIRCA tool, there are comprehensive "help" functions integrated. In addition, there is plenty of additional information on the use of the CIRCA tool available such as user manuals and "frequently asked questions" list under: