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Review of Annexes I and II of the Groundwater Directive 2006/118/EC


Based on the results of the Review of Annex I and II of the Groundwater Directive 2006/118/EC (GWD) and in the light of scientific and technical progress, the Commission has worked out and agreed with the Member States a proposal for a Commission Directive amending Annex II of the Groundwater Directive. The proposal is currently under scrutiny of the Council and European Parliament.


Article 10 of the Directive 2006/118/EC on the protection of groundwater against pollution and deterioration (GWD) requires the Commission to review Annex I and II of the Directive every six years and come forward with legislative proposals, if appropriate. The Commission carried out the first review of those Annexes in 2013.

Annexes I and II of the GWD contain Europe wide environmental quality standards for pollutants, a minimum list of pollutants and indicators for which Member States should consider establishing threshold values, guidelines for the establishment of threshold values and information to be provided by Member States on those pollutants and indicators.

The first step of the review was a call for evidence in April 2013 where the European Commission asked interested stakeholders to submit information, studies, scientific reports, good practice or other data sources in order to underpin the impact assessment for the review of Annexes I and II of the Groundwater Directive 2006/118/EC.

Following the call for evidence, a public consultation was organized between 30 July 2013 and 22 October 2013 with the aim of collecting opinions on different policy options presented, and to identify missing options and gather data on impacts. A summary report on the results of the consultation can be found here.

A stakeholder workshop was also organized on 9 October 2013 in Brussels to present and discuss preliminary conclusions on the impacts of the options and the remaining knowledge gaps. The background document, the presentations and the summary report of the conference can be found here.

As a result of the Review and in the light of scientific and technical progress, it was considered appropriate to propose only technical adaptations of Annex II to the GWD in accordance with Article 8 of the GWD (regulatory procedure with scrutiny). An explanatory note to the proposal can be found here.

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