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Drinking Water

Small Water Supplies

Small water supplies are those supplying less than 1,000 cubic meters per day or serving less than 5,000 persons. There are approximately 85,000 small supplies in the EU providing drinking water to approximately 65 million citizens (data from 2010).

Based on data collected in 2009 and 2010, the Commission reached the conclusion that EU-wide more than one third of the small supplies are not properly monitored or delivering drinking water not complying with all quality standards. There were considerable regional differences, however.

The Commission decided to take targeted implementation action, by developing and promoting a Guidance Document towards best practices for small supplies,building on experience and achievements of certain Member States and regions. This document "Framework for Action for the management of small drinking water supplies" was finalised and published with a foreword of the Director-General of DG Environment in 2014.

A further study of 2011 and the documentation of a workshop of on 9 November 2011 "Best Practices for conducting a risk-assessment for small water supplies" is available.