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Other Supporting Background Documentation

In addition to the formal documents, a number of informal technical background documents have been compiled to support preparation of this proposal. The list of documents is given below and they are all available through the public library of WFD Circa.

  • The Manual on the Methodological Framework to derive Environmental Quality Standards for Priority Substances under the WFD (prepared by the Fraunhofer Institute) sets out the general methodology used for setting the water quality standards and is accompanied by Substance EQS Data Sheets which provide detailed information on how the standards were set for each individual substance.

  • Opinion of the Scientific Committee on Toxicity, Ecotoxicity and the Environment (CSTEE) on the Setting of Environmental Quality Standards for the Priority Substances - In March 2004, at the end of an exhaustive technical preparation and consultation process, the Commission decided to consult with the SCTEE in order to peer review the methodology and the proposed environmental quality standards. This document is the response of the SCTEE to this consultation.

  • Proposed Environmental Quality Standards for Priority Substances – Current Compliance and Potential Benefits - this study by the WRc provides information on compliance with the proposed standards based on available monitoring data and potential benefits of the proposal.

  • Assessing economic impacts of the specific control measures for priority substances and priority hazardous substances regulated under the WFD - this study by ECOLAS contributed to the Impact Assessment and includes an economic assessment of various options available to the Commission in the preparation of its proposal.

  • Source Identification and Emission Controls – this document is a concept paper on the control of emissions, discharges and losses of priority substances and priority hazardous substances. It is supported by Substance Source Screening Sheets which identify the sources of each individual substance and Substance Measures Sheets which identify the current controls in place and future controls proposed for individual substances.

  • Identification of Priority Hazardous Substances – this document includes a review of 14 of the priority substances in order to identify if they should be classified as priority hazardous substances. It is accompanied by a Data Annex.

  • Q&A on Proposed Priority Substances Directive - this document includes some common questions and answers relating to the proposed Directive.