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River Basin Management Plans 2009-2015 - information on availability by country

The 3rd Water Framework Directive Implementation report cover

Following expiry of the deadlines for publishing the 1st River Basin Management Plans (22.12.2009) and for reporting those plans to the Commission (22.3.2010), the Commission services assessed the River Basin Management Plans received.

In accordance with Article 18 (WFD) the Commission must publish a report to the European Parliament and to the Council on the implementation of this Directive at the latest by 22.12.2012. It has to include among other things a review of progress in the implementation of the Directive and a survey of the river basin management plans submitted in accordance with Article 15, including suggestions for the improvement of future plans.

This 3rd WFD implementation report was adopted on 14/11/2012 and consists of the following documents:

  • A Commission report to the European Parliament and the Council on the implementation of the Water Framewok Directive  - River Basin Management Plans (COM(2012)670 of 14.11.2012 - available in all EU languages).
  • A European Overview – Commission Staff Working Document accompanying the report: SWD(2012)379 Volume 1 and SWD(2012)379 Volume 2.
  • Country-specific assessments for EU Member States and Norway (SWD(2012)379  Volumes 3-30)

Related to these WFD implementation reports, a number of facts, figures and maps have been produced.

More background documentation and links to data reported is available here.  

State of play implementation of the WFd in the Member States :

By clicking on the map below you can find out more about the River Basin Management Plans available in each River Basin District , as well as the status of consultations which are still ongoing in the different EU Member States. You will find direct links to page where you can download the plans, as well as information on the timing of consultations, links to consultation websites as well as links to the draft River Basin Management Plans and other key documents ! Not all Member States have however complied with the timetable - the Member States in red below have not yet started consultations.

Click on the map  for information on the status of the implementation of  River basin management plans and country specific assessments – Click on the map

Europe Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden The Netherlands UK luxembourg Norway Croatia

Select a country by clicking on the map (Updated 13/03/2015).
GREEN - River Basin Management Plans adopted
RED - River Basin Management Plans not yet adopted
Norway is implementing the Water Framework Directive as part of the European Economic Area Agreement, with specific timetable agreed.
* Spain – 18 RBMPs adopted (out of 25)
* Greece – 12 RBMPs (out of 14) adopted

The Commission's online library CIRCABC also contains a collection of key documents and links to the reported River basin management plans - along with other important information from the process of implementing the Water Framework Directive so far.

International River Basin Management Plans

A number of international River Basin Districts have also published River Basin Management Plans, which can be downloaded below :