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Why participate?

Image why participateAbout Public Participation and River Basin Management Plans

These plans are to be established for each so called River Basin Districts. Find out which is your River Basin District and the authorities responsible for this work by clicking on the map. The plans will be valid from 2009 until 2015, and then these plans need to be reviewed every 6 years. The aim of the plans is to reach at least good status of all water resources by 2015. Read more about how the Directive works in the water notes.

When Member States and the European Parliament reached an agreement on the Water Framework Directive they also agreed to inform and consult the public – and to actively involve interested parties in the process of developing the river basin management plans. The timetable and process agreed for this is written into article 14 of the Directive.

For the first cycle, the first step of the consultation was to start at the latest 22.12.2006 and concerned consultation on the work programme for developing the plans and for the consultations

The second stage was set to start at the latest one year later and concerned so called Significant Water Management Issues.

The third stage is to consult the public and interested parties on draft River Basin Management Plans during a 6 month period - starting at the latest 22.12.2008.

The final step is for the Member States to establish the River Basin Management Plans at the latest  on 22.12.2009, which set the objectives to be reached in rivers, lakes, costal waters and ground waters across the EU, and then to include measures that ensure that at least good status is reached by 2015. It is however possible to delay reaching the good status until 2021 or even 2027, provided that the Member State has very good reasons. This all has to be explained in the plans.

Are the authorities doing enough to reach these goals ? Do you agree to if delaying reaching good status is justifiable? Are they putting the right measures in place ? Your views are important – so do get involved !

Article 14 of the Water Framework Directive

1. Member States shall encourage the active involvement of all interested parties in the implementation of this Directive, in particular in the production, review and updating of the river basin management plans. Member States shall ensure that, for each river basin district, they publish and make available for comments to the public, including users:

(a) a timetable and work programme for the production of the plan, including a statement of the consultation measures to be taken, at least three years before the beginning of the period to which the plan refers;

(b) an interim overview of the significant water management issues identified in the river basin, at least two years before the beginning of the period to which the plan refers;

(c) draft copies of the river basin management plan, at least one year before the beginning of the period to which the plan refers.

On request, access shall be given to background documents and information used for the development of the draft river basin management plan.

2. Member States shall allow at least six months to comment in writing on those documents in order to allow active    involvement and consultation.

3. Paragraphs 1 and 2 shall apply equally to updated river basin management plans.