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Action Groups

After evaluation of the 64 proposals submitted during the first call for expressions of commitment, nine proposals have been selected as the first Action Groups of the EIP Water. These proposals have been selected because they  fulfilled all the requirements and showed the most promising approaches, combining innovative ideas with partners across the innovation value chain and potential for applications and/or commercialization. The Steering Group of the EIP Water has decided to select a limited  number of proposals as Action Groups. These Action Groups can be actively supported by the EIP Water secretariat, the  European Commission and Steering Group members to increase their impacts and drive concrete outcomes.

In principle, the Action Groups can add additional partners, in order to widen the perspective and further strengthen their activities. The decision to add partners is made by the Action Group partners themselves. If you are interested to join one of the Action Groups, please send a message to

The proposals that have not been selected at this stage  have received detailed comments. the European Commission strongly encourages the partners involved to further strengthen their proposals and submit them again at the next call for expressions of commitment. The EIP Water secretariat is available for support.

A number of proposals were directly linked to proposals submitted in the FP7 Water Innovation and Demonstration call, which was directly related to the EIP Water. A link between the successful FP7 projects and Action Group proposals is being investigated, with the aim to identify further Action Groups.

In total, over 700 individual organizations participated in the first call for expressions of commitment, which demonstrates the relevance of the EIP Water. Officials from ten different Directorates General of the European Commission have participated in the evaluation of the proposals.

Detailed information about all Action Group proposals, their origins, topics etc. is available here.