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The EU Floods Directive

Following the discussions on the Commission's Communication on Flood Risk Management, the Commission set up an informal European action programme, focussing on three distinct but closely linked components:


Improving information exchange

Sharing of experiences and the co-ordinated development and promotion of best practices, as well as increasing the awareness of flood risks through wider stakeholder participation and more effective communication. This includes the facilitation of information exchange on topics such as flood forecasting and flood risk mapping, involving stakeholders within the framework of the Common Implementation Strategy of the Water Framework Directive and of facilitating information exchange between researchers and practitioners on flooding (e.g. research projects like EFAS and FLOODsite).

A targeted approach to the best use of EU funding tools for the different aspects of flood risk management also entails information exchange, for example via the Common Agricultural Policy, the new Cohesion Policy, and the European Union Solidarity Fund

A working group on Floods

As part of the Common implementation Strategy a Working Group on Floods has been set up to on one hand support the implementation of the Floods Directive, and on the other hand provide a platform for information exchange on flood risk management. The Workprogramme 2008-2009 of this group is available here. The CIS Workprogramme for 2010-2012, including the mandate to Working group F is available here.

As a fruit of this information exchange of current practices the following documents have been developed by the Member States and stakeholders taking part in this Working Group:

A number of WGF Thematic workshops on different themes related to the implementation of the Floods Directive have been organised by the WGF and its members. Examples of themes addressed are Flash Flood and pluvial flood management, the Catchment approach to flood management, Flood Risk Management plans, Land use, Floods and economics, and finally Stakeholder involvement in flood risk management. For more information see the floods Risk management library on  CIRCABC.


Other sources of information

Information on Flood Risk Management is also available on CIRCABC, this Thematic information sheet (currently unavailable) includes links to all relevant documents and key events!

The WISE portal (Water Information System for Europe - ) now includes a Floods Directive Viewer. Information on the Competent authorities for implementation of the Floods Directive in the different river basin districts/units of management is now available here ! More information on Floods will also gradually be made available on WISE as the Directive is being implemented.

Key links to relevant websites have been gathered on this site giving further information on research and funding opportunities, indicates some of the work undertaken at EU level on the first two components.