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Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Useful Links

This section contains links to information and studies around WEEE which can be useful, but are fully outside the responsibility of the European Commission.

Regional information

  • Africa: Where are WEee in Africa? (Secretariat of the Basel Convention, 2011)

  • Italy: Household WEEE generated in Italy- Analysis on volumes & consumer disposal behavior for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ECODOM, 2013)

  • Germany: E-waste management in Germany (UNU, 2011)

  • Netherlands: Netherlands E-waste Quantification (UNU, 2012)

  • Spain: Evolution of the electronic waste management system in Spain (Journal of Cleaner Production, 2012)

  • Sweden: Success, limitations and lessons to be learnt in Sweden (Presentation, 2011)

  • European WEEE Registers Network (EWRN)

  • US American Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse (ERCC)

  • Sagis EPR: WEEE policy implementation models: Key lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid (Presentation, 2012)

General information