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Life cycle assessment of PVC and of principal competing materials (2004)

Due to the versatility of PVC and its wide range of different applications, comparison with competing materials must be considered for each application on a case by case basis as alternative materials will very much depend on the respective product and its intended use. Therefore, the Commission wanted to obtain a summary of existing information developed concerning PVC and for its competing materials, application by application. It required that the findings from existing studies be rigorously assessed. With a view of ensuring the availability of sound data and analysis to permit public policy approaches based on sustainable development, it was necessary to identify any significant gaps in the available information and to propose how they could be filled. To this end, the Commission has conducted a study to compare existing Life Cycle Analysis and comparative studies concerning PVC (compared to other materials in specific applications).

Study on life cycle assessment of PVC and of principal competing materials

Technical annex of the study (pdf ~20 KB)