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Study on hazardous household waste with a main emphasis on hazardous chemicals (2002)

The aim of this study is to evaluate national experiences of the management of hazardous products likely to become hazardous household waste (HHW), and to make proposals for strategies for the appropriate management of such products within a lifecycle perspective. 

The study covers the fifteen Member States and two Accession Countries, namely Hungary and Romania. The data available at the country level are difficult to compare as there are currently neither precise definitions nor common statutory controls within the European Union for hazardous household wastes, each country has adopted a different strategy to deal with hazardous household wastes. Even within any given country, there are a wide range of practices in the collection, handling and treatment for HHW. Therefore until comparable data are available from Member States, any comparison of data from each country must be undertaken with caution.

The study is available in PDF format by clicking the links below.