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Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment

old TVAssessment studies on exemptions

"Adaptation to Scientific and Technical Progress under Directive 2011/65/EU" - Evaluation of requests for new exemptions and/or review or renewal of existing exemptions

  • Commissioned by: DG Environment
  • Authors: Öko-Institut, Eunomia and Fraunhofer IZM
  • Description: The Commission frequently receives requests from industry for applications to be exempted from the substance restrictions of Directive 2011/65/EU. These requests need to be evaluated in order to assess whether they fulfill the requirements mentioned at Article 5(1)(a) of the Directive.
  • Information on the assessment preparatory activities including the stakeholders' consultations can be found on the RoHS adaptation page.
  • All scientific reports, including those for the RoHS 1 amendments 2009–2011, are available on the project entry page; below the direct links to the published reports since the entry into force of RoHS 2: